Thursday, July 17, 2008

home again

Well folks, sitting here posting this final blog concerning the trip to Uganda. So many memories and feelings come to mind, Especially the one feeling like I didn't do enough or make the best use of the time I was there. I don't think I was naive enough to believe that there wouldn't be some sort of letdown in returning, Just wasn't sure in what way that it would manifest. The Ugandan countryside is indeed very beautiful, the people were warm and very geniuine, and the suffering and lack is indeed very real. I feel like I was ministered to more than actually doing any ministering, and the people I was fortunate to come across have enriched my life in a way that's hard to describe. After experiencing this, the urging of the Great Commission takes on a greater dimension. What did I learn from this experience? That we all need love; Not only the kind shown to us by Christ on the cross, but the kind shown when we take time to involve ourselves in the lives of others, when we show that we genuinely care, and when we convey to other hurting, broken and scared people that they are not alone. It's not the highfaluting stuff that people desire to see out of us that are in the body, it's the very indicating of how much I am in need as the next man that conveys realness. In some ways I was shown how all that life in America offers can certainly be a hindrance to being continually dependent on Jesus; and to be blessed is only meant to indeed attempt to be a blessing to others. Coming to a realization of just how selfish I've been and become is not the most pleasant revelation in the world, but is certainly necessary to acknowledge in order for me to keep growing. Thanks to all who kept abreast of my goings on while I was overseas and for the prayers offered as well. Peace and Love, Peter

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

trying to get it right

what a sight

wade in the water

hungry, hungry hippos?

Murchison Falls

raging rapids of the Blue Nile

parting shots

Well, time is winding down as we finish up some loose ends and say our goodbyes to those we have been blessed by in our visit here. Parting in this case is far from sweet, but is indeed sorrow. It certainly is an ideal time to cast my cares upon Him, for He cares for me. Wanted to include some shots from the ride on the Blue Nile. Without a doubt, some beautiful landscapes (and waterscapes too!) Peace and Love, Peter

Monday, July 14, 2008

time waits for no one

Well folks, just got back from a very, very scenic journey. We visited Murchison National Park and Game reserve, where we had the opportunity to visit an absolutely gorgeous waterfall, as well as huge area where various wild animals reside (with the pictures to prove it!) I've finally visited both tributaries of the mighty Nile River and have been overwhelmed by another aspect of God's creative powers. Looks like we're heading for the States tomorrow, so certainly my heart is heavy with the realization of having to depart the African continent once again. I was once again beginning to feel so very much at home here, despite the outward differences that may be present. The time was indeed too brief, but hopefully some of the people of Uganda realize that the love of Christ indeed knows no geographic boundaries. I guess if you're gonna have something to be sad about, it should be something of a worthwhile nature. You realize that there was so much more you wanted to do (to help)but you try and do what you can. Perhaps this discontentment will lead to a return to this land of so much promise and so much suffering. Peace and Love, Peter